FTP Encryption... Where did it go?


What’s up with the ftp encryption? I could not login to ftp using a client app, and I know the settings used to include using TLS encryption. Now I cant login unless I disable encryption. Is this a bug or did something change that I’m not aware of?


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ftpupload.net has an SSL certificate installed, and TLS is working, I just tried it myself. Perhaps something changed with your network or device that is blocking the connection?

Also, if you want more assistance, please share your FTP logs when you attempt the TLS connection

Status:	Initializing TLS...
Status:	TLS connection established.

Thanks Greenreader9, I will check it out ASAP. At least I know its my config & works for others.

It turns out my firewall policy for ftpupload was too restrictive. It needed to go out on some random high port no. With FTP service enabled, it was not enough to not allow the connection.


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