FTP Credentials

How to fix this error

Please provide ftp logs

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Please explain me step by step

If you need hosting help, please use the “hosting support” category. The informal category clearly states that it is not for support requests.

I’ve changed it for you.

Please try updating your plugins manually, something must have gone wrong with the auto-update.

If you need assistance, please consult Google first. While we are here to help, we are not going to give you step by step instructions, or do it for you.


WordPress should just be able to write the files locally. That’s faster than using FTP.

As for the error itself, it could be that the directory already exists, or that your account has hit the disk usage or inode limits.

I’d like to take a look for you, but since you didn’t include a website URL, and purposely obfuscated your account username, I cannot help you.


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