FTP certificate error

Just to elbow in here, is there any thread or word on ftp and cert error [edit: insert] ???, but really it is minor; you see, I still can edit but then ? what is it??? gozillaftp or whatever it is will still UP<OAD A FILE, whew ! … I even noted in one of my files / posts.

RECAPAGE : : yeah I’m sure you all know about it, and IF IT KEEPS EVERYTHING CLEAN without undesirables getting in, it’s more than perfect I’d say.


    --RM , tah-tah Ltrz have a good one catch the vibes, dating myself, nobody gets it, some look like deer in the headlights and say ? vibes? oh well :/

Hi, please don’t hijack unrelated topics. I’ve moved your question to a new topic now.

What certificate error are you seeing when trying to connect via FTP? Can you share your full Filezilla logs?


hijack as in good morning, long shift eh!?!? Well to the point I don’t have , oh YEP! that’s the name FILEZILLA, and I don’t happen to have it up and running at this instance; WOW thanks for the detail there , debug, Settings > debug page show menu etc.

Might get back to this, in the middle of well KIDS! at the moment, pancakes etc.

update:/ O_o
again :\
now it didn’t do it, rest assure tho I’ll fire back some data when it does.

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, ah

mmHmmm , well I guess this can be closed, I can’t get it to do it again, also —the DEBUG show and whatever the other switch was ARE ON ! but I’ll be damned if I can find that page/pane/doc.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanywayzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz all is right in the world and I can always edit and post so there’s that; just thought to notify if there were any anomalies you know, aaaand that’s about all I can drone on about at this time.

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To answer your question: I’m not aware of any issues regarding FTP and SSL. If you use the recommend FTP hostname ftpupload.net, any decent FTP client should see that there is a valid SSL certificate for ftpupload.net presented by the FTP server, signed by Sectigo and valid for many months to come.

That doesn’t mean that no issues exist of course, we’re not always aware of all issues that are going on, we rely on user reports to inform us about the issues we are not aware of.

So if you are experiencing any issues with FTP, please explain what you see.


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