FTP access problem


epiz_27033564 (http://distribution.rf.gd/)

Error Message

When I’m trying to open FTP connection the server asks for password again and again, but I specified FTP password from Login to your account - InfinityFree

Other Information

@ Login to your account - InfinityFree ~ Account derails I see IP Address

But If I ping distribution.rf.gd I see 11776.bodis.com []

Thanx a lot.

So the error? Use the ftp server ftp.epizy.com or ftp.rf.gd.

ftpupload.net according to instructions @ Login to your account - InfinityFree

That also works…

I have other older account, same instructions and FTP works, but not @ this account ((

May I ask what error do you see while connecting to FTP?

Access denied.

i mean the screenshot?

For what? FAR Manager shows connection window too shortly, I don’t want to catch this and make screesnshot ))) Beleive me, it says “Access denied.” and nothing else ))

What about using another FTP client or even filemanager.ai? seeing what errors there?

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Oh my Buddha, beleive me, FAR Manager has perfect FTP support, and I said, another account doesn’y have such FTP access problem.

Hmm, I assume you probably have messed up your account permissions, i suggest you to change password of epiz_27033564 wait few minutes then try to connect with new password.

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ok, I changed pass and will wait for 30 minutes to test, thanx.

Same problem (((

Will answer SMB from support team? ))

Did you check this article already?

If you did and it’s not working, could you please share more info like this?


How much is the fish? )))))

What do you mean the fish?

You can ask google about meaning of this phrase ))) I’ve ever didn’t know before myself (sorry for times, English isn’t my first language)