Free SSL Certificates still in pending status

Username: epiz_26928204

Hello there,
I put in a request for a SSL certificate on October 15th for the url and yesterday I put in a request for as well, but both of these are still in “pending” status and I have yet to receive a certificate. I hope someone can help me out. Thank you!

Make sure you have set your CNAME records correctly, do not change these even whilst owning a SSL Certificate from InfinityFree.


I’m pretty sure they are set correctly, but then again I have no real way of knowing because I haven’t been successful yet :sweat_smile:

Are you using Cloudflare? If you are, make sure to set the CNAME records to unproxied (make the orange cloud grey).


Nope, Cloudflare is disabled. Thank you!

As you can see in the client area, the CNAME records for both your custom domain and free subdomain are not found.

Can you please double check that the CNAME records are set up correctly?

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Found an issue where with the free subdomain where the domain name was set as “” in the control panel. I did not manually enter the subdomain itself, but rather selected it from the dropdown. I added it a second time and this time it was entered correctly as “”. Looks like this one may be resolved as it is showing “ready” at the destination. Will check on the custom domain now.

Thank you!

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There was an issue with long subdomains getting truncated. This was fixed earlier this week.

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