Free domain

My website URL is:

I want to upgrade InfinityFree to 1 year of service, It’s not a bad deal. I would like to know if the free domain that you give is going to be different from my google domains name? and can I control both websites through cPanel?

The free subdomains that we give are different from your Google Domains’ domain name. You can even create them from the Subdomains section on the Control Panel and manage them from a Panel.

Sounds good! is a subdomain different from my domain? i want another domain like (example) not

A subdomain is like; a domain is like
If you want another domain, register it using Google Domains or other registrar or use Freenom to get a free second-level domain, then point it to and and add it through the Addon Domains section on the Control Panel. After that upload the files on e.g., where can be overwritten with the new domain you’ve registered.

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