Free domain unreachable, no server error code

Just as title says, and from web inspector tools (be it firefox, chromium, chrome, u name it) no error response code, not even response headers, just request headers is all I can see.

Free domain is

I can log in into Login to your account - InfinityFree (here I am right), I can login to the cPanel, without problems. Account is apparently active.

Now, I have created this account just for some my own hobby testing purposes, as I am building some sort of mini cms for my personal and perhaps others people use, time will tell. I don’t plan to reach “the entire internets” with free account and what else not, I was looking for some free web hosting solution with PHP 7 support just to test how it behaves on some other server.

During past year, my account was suspended because there were no visits at all for a month.

I have placed .htaccess login protection so that only I can view it from time to time, and found that when I have at least 3 visits, the account will remain active.

I have read email that arrived on that topic, than I reactivated it according to the instructions, and all went well.

Since than, as I am quite busy appart from pc and all actitivites on a computer, I was paying a visit to my little test area from time to time, just to avoid auto cancellation again.

Now, since yesterday to be more precise, I can clearly login, but no further from there. It seems like a portion where my files are on your hard drives are wiped out. is simply unreachable all of the sudden, no warning emails that I was lazy again or similar…

What’s going on?

Is it some wide-scale upgrade?

Some other unpredicted issues?

I think everyone experience a problem. infinity server in has been problem!

Nope. Not everyone. This one works from a friend of mine.

Just checked, ftp is not working as well… user ok, pass ok … but fail. 20 seconds time out.

Well, whatever was … the problem… is no longer … an issue. Everything works again. :slight_smile:
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