Frame forwarding

I have tried to forward my domain to my Infinityfree website using a 302 Frame but it would not work. My domain host insists the problem is not their end, and suggests that Ininityfree may not accept Frame-forwards. Is that correct ?

It is not the end of the World, but I preferred anyone viewing my website to see only my domain name and not where it was being hosted. It really is not that important though if the policy is not to allow Frame forwarding.

You can add the domain name directly. If you already have subdomain you can park it.


Thanks for this, but I am afraid I do not know what you mean !

Did you click the link and read the article? It becomes a lot more clear what @Yellow_Pikachu meant if you actually read what they linked to.

That article means the original domain name is entirely gone from your site. No way to see it by checking the source code of the page and seeing your new domain name just embeds the old domain. And you’ll also be able to have direct links to other pages on the site and so on.

Although I admit our hosting isn’t ideal for this, as far as I know URL framing to change the URL is being knee-capped by browser developers. So I’m not sure how much this is an issue of us not supporting it or nobody supporting it.


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