Forum can not affect from (Daily Hits Used)

I’m want just ask !
This days, I would to create forum for gaming using MyBB Software
When forum successful. will be more members in forum this is will affect for Daily Hits Used ?


Infinityfree is meant for experiments and such, and should not be used for business hosting.

I recommend (which is free) or cloudflare.


infinityfree is hosting free ?


InfinityFree is Free Hosting, meaning there are going to be limits. If you’re expecting a lot of visitors, then you need to think about paid hosting.

@Thewebuser22 Repl is not practical for hosting a website, and you cannot host a Website of Cloudflare.


I find repl perfectly practical for web hosting (for a free service, anyway).

As for cloudflare, I don’t exactly know but I thought they offered hosting.

Oh well, I just did a hasty search so…

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I want to ask
If the client is shuttling between pages
Daily Hits Used will decrease

What do you mean by “shuttling”?

Hits are caused in part by your website code and in part by page views. Page views are caused by visits. Visits are caused by visitors. And visitors are caused by members.

So yes, more members can result in more hits usage. So if your forum grows more popular, you may need to invest in bigger hosting too to support that traffic.

Usually, more page views means more hits. So if your visitors are moving between pages, that increases hits usage.


I was think start from free, when successful go to premium

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