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hello. i have a small problem :c i accidentally reset my entire browser. now all passwords are gone and i can no longer access my acc. i also unfortunately can’t reset my password via email since i also no longer have access to the email acc. i tried with various tools to restore the browser but no chance. so i thought i’d just make myself a new infinityfree acc with the same domain. (i also forwarded the domain to the infinityfree nameserver) but now it says that i have to remove the domain from the old acc first. is there any way i can reset my password or delete the other acc so that the connection to the domain is removed or just remove the domain from the other acc?

can i point the domain over cloudflair and then to a new infinityfree acc?

Hmmm… I would maybe try to change nameservers like you said, wait until the nameserver change is made (You can check this with a WHOIS lookup) and than point it back to InfintyFree, however, the domain still wont be removed from that old account (I think), so I don’t know if that will work. You can try it though. @Admin, is there any other way to restore the account, or a better way to get the domain to a the new account?
Good Luck, Greenreader9

thank you, I also hope that @Admin can help me further

Were you able to logon to your other account?

no that is just a 3rd acc xD

If you don’t have the password and don’t have access to the email address, then we have no way to authenticate you as the account owner. Which means we have no way to confirm you actually are the account owner, which means we cannot provide information or make changes to the specified accounts.

It would be a huge security disaster if random people could just delete domains from your account or delete your account entirely. We have a responsibility to make sure that this can never happen.


what if i change the name server or create cname record. so i can then prove that it is my domain.

That would prove your domain, not the fact your own the website account. You would have to find a way to verify your account via email or another method that can prove you own the account.
To get your site files: If you use FileZilla, it will remember the last few site you have connected to (the dropdown arrow next to “quick connect”), but you still may need the password depending on how you configured it.

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