Forgot my Email

I forgot my account email address.

Unfortunately, we can’t help you recover that. Try searching through your inboxes to see which of your emails received emails from infinity free in the past.


I don’t remember my email address anymore, so I can’t look it up. could you please email me the correct email address for the website


That is a violation of our privacy rules. Without a way to confirm you are the owner of the account, we can’t provide any personal information.

We cannot tell you the email address you used. You can use the login form and guess email addresses if you remember your password, or just search each of your email inboxes for an email that was sent from InfinityFree.


you can send me the email address to the contact email address given on the website. on the website under contact. but don’t use the contact form that doesn’t work but you can find the email address there.

Once again, we cannot tell you the email address of your account. Our privacy policy governs the use of your data, and we cannot just give it out.

So for the last time, we will not give you the email address. If you are unwilling to search for it, or try all of your addresses in the login form, I’m sorry, there is nothing we can do.

can you not send my accemail address to the email address you find there please ?
I understand that you need to be sure that I am the owner

Greenreader already told you many times. We cannot provide you with the email you used.


Case closed as nothing can be done for OP
OP has forgotten email to hosting account.
To prevent cluttering of current thread