Forgot about removing SSL before domain removing and can't use domain

Hi, a second question from me, but really needed now.

I created a hosting on InfinityFree with domain but I decided to remove it and attach to GitHub Pages and here use another domain. The problem is that I’ve forgotten about removing SSL certificate which I had here and now both and redirect here, to I obviously can’t remove SSL now as “no domain attached” error shows when I tried, I only can see that certificate exists.

Is there any way to remove such certificate? Honestly I don’t want to remove GitHub Pages records, add your nameservers, add domain here, remove SSL and do everything again to have free domain because such procedure may take even a few days, maybe there is an easier way.

Very big thanks in advance.

If your domain is redirecting to and you don't know why, please see this article for various explanations:

In your case, the problem is being caused by the fact that you removed the domain from our servers, but DNS caching on your end means that your computer is still connecting to our servers, not GitHub. To fix this, you could either temporarily add the domain to your old account with us, or simply wait for the problem to solve itself.

Thanks for response, I did adding and removing SSL, but problem still exists. One thing changed, now points itself to GitHub Pages, but goes to /, I’m again and again removing DNS cache but this doesn’t help.

I’ll try to readd it to GitHub (there may be up to 3 days as your wiki says) and if problem still exists i write here. has got ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED for me