For some reason a deactivated account got activated again and the dashboard throws random 5xx errors

Website URL

Error Message

503 Service Temporarily Unavailable


Other Information

Same goes for phpMyAdmin. I have also tried to open the login page with a web-proxy and it returns the same error.

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It seems that something went wrong in the hosting platform that caused a large number of invalid suspension. It looks like iFastNet is fixing it right now, but the result is a MASSIVE number of reactivation callbacks to the client area that’s overloading everything.


Yes my site was reactivated I had to maually deactivate it again will this reset the timer again for deletion as I want it gone to create another website with another domain name as I have used 3 already


Deactivated accounts do not count towards your three account limit. So you can simply deactivate the account and create a new account in it’s place without having to wait for the account to be fully deleted.


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