[fixed] SSL not working?

site: http://videlo.42web.io/

Solution: looks like I copied a character wrong, please ignore this post!

Hello, I just set up SSL for my website. The certificate just went through, and I added it to my site through the cPanel SSL/TLS page. I added and uploaded the private key, and certificate.
However, it seems SSL won’t work? I used GoGetSSL. When I go to the HTTPS version, https://videlo.42web.io/ , it still says that it can’t provide a secure connection?

Is there something I did wrong? I followed the tutorials, so i have no idea why it’s not working. I have the CNAME set too, if that matters.


It works for me, you should clear your cache.

Yeah, it was my fault, I didn’t copy all the characters correctly, realised this after posting, sorry

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