FireZilla FTP keep disconnecting

Hi again
This is the first time I’m using FireZilla on infinity ftp server to transfer my files,
if you ask me why ? ,well I loved the zip uploading its faster and better ,but I cant use it this time because my new file size is 12MO zip file , there is a limite in file manager
the maximum files size to upload is 9MO ,So I tried to use firezilla and
now i have to transfer a 19 MO file (the first file unziped)
I got this issue

Commande : STOR negative_squared_cross_mark.png Erreur : Connection interrompue aprs 20 secondes d'inactivit Erreur : chec du transfert du fichier Statut : Dconnect du serveur Statut : Rsolution de l'adresse de

ftp is working i can connect to my ftp host, but the transformation keeps freazing all the time,
if you have an idia please share it with me
thank you.

What do you see in the file transfer status block in the bottom of the screen?

Even if your main FTP connection is closed due to inactivity, any uploads and downloads already queued will continue uninterrupted.