Finding TXT for my DNS

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Hello, Please i"ll like to know where and how I can find my TXT record. I want to verify my site on google search console. Please help

TXT records are not available on this hosting, there’re other methods other than TXT verification method.

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Hey… Thanks for replying… Is there any way to verify the google search console? THanks in advace.

Yes, by using the URL Prefix instead of using Domain Property method.

There you can verify your domain property through html file upload, html tag, google analytics & tag manager.


@katufo Please how do I find it And How can I use it? That’s just my question… Am using sub-domain

Hmm no, I suggest you to use your own custom domain instead of using subdomains. So that google will easily verify and index your site.

Thanks… But I don’t have money to buy a domain

You can get free one using

There you can get .ml or .cf or .ga, but don’t use or choose .tk as it is not supported by infinityfree.

Thanks so much

Feel free to follow this knowledge support link after registering your own domain:

You will need to point your domain first to infinityfree nameservers in order to verify your domain on infinityfree and to make the registered domain get live.


You’re Amazing.

Am finding it difficult to create an account… Please message me via [email protected]


No, sorry, just here. So other active users, can also help you, not just me. Just send us here the screenshots of the problem and we will help you.

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