Files won't upload and old files uploaded wont show

Hi there, I just recently bought my first domain of my life, and with a cell phone the same night was able to hookup a webhost and start editing, all from my cell phone. But now my files won’t load, and this comes right after my account was suspended for possible malicious software uploaded, which wasn’t and it was unsuspended and the files white listed so it wouldn’t happen again. Now why won’t my files load? Even when I upload a new file it won’t show, it won’t show any of them and says error loading files. By God what do I do?

I’m sorry, but what are you supposed to see where? “files won’t show” could mean a lot of things.

when I click and drag a picture option down in the web editor, and I go to select the picture, the files won’t show and it says error loading files, then when I go to upload files they won’t show either. I can’t edit my website anymore, yet all of the files uploaded are still loading in the webpage…so their MIA not KIA

Can you see the images when you click Full Media Library?