Files rolled back to a few days ago

It was working fine this morning, I left my computer for a couple of hours, when I came back I see an old version of the website. After checking, the files are from like a week ago but the DB seems to be up to date.

How do I get my website back to the latest version?

Hello there,

Could you provide a screenshot on how your latest site should look like?

Also are you sure you saved the code of the latest changes you made?

Just wanted to verify.

It should look like a semi fresh installation of MediaWiki.

I’m sure it saved because I created around 5 articles and a couple of files.

Same here.
Fortunately, I have the backup files in my PC.

You are having a problem with your code cause I could see the line number error from your sidebar (line 568, line 649). Try checking and correcting your codes.

Katufo, your comment is completely irrelevant. The latest version should be a MediaWiki installation and the error you see is in a version from a few days ago that was implemented with CakePHP.

I’m not interested in fixing the error in an obsolete version, I just want to know why my website was rolled back to a few days ago, why the files in the hosting reverted without notice, and how to get it back to what is supposed to be.

In the last couple of weeks, iFastNet has been migrating websites to a new, faster storage system. Back then, they usually put the servers in read only mode before they did that. But if your website was rolled back, it’s possible that they didn’t do that this time.

Thank you for sharing the information, but unfortunately there isn’t that much I can do for you. The files that are there are the files that are there. The migration can’t be undone or any changes redone without risking reverting any changes made since the switchover.


Well that’s a lame. And what blows my mind is that you advertise “Go Premium” in your top bar as if anyone in their right mind would pay for a service that is so unprofessional and unreliable.

Just copying some text here from our home page. A bit of explanation we put there specifically to answer invalid implications like “I won’t buy iFastNet because I don’t like InfinityFree”:

Is InfinityFree a demo, trial or sample for premium hosting?

Absolutely not! InfinityFree is fully featured, completely free website hosting. We provide promotional offers for alternative, premium services for people looking for more, but their services are very different. InfinityFree is not a representation of these offers.


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