Files are present in almost every FTP viewer I use but not in the website

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: My issue is that, a whole directory and some other files (f.e and are almost like invisible to the website when I access it through my browser, not only to me but multiple friends around the world so I doubt this is a local issue, also tried disabling cloudflare caching and enabling directory listing again, but to no success, it just gives a 404

I’m using this software: MonstaFTP, Filezilla, File manager, Google Chrome, Firefox, Tor, none of those work

Additional information: This has happened before and the only solution I found was to delete the file and upload it with a different name, then also edit other html files to point to the new ones, thatd be fine but I was wondering if theres a smarter solution to this problem

I checked your account and I noticed there are some .htaccess rules on your website which redirects /timeout/ to something else. These are using the Redirect directive. Note that Redirect doesn’t match single URLs, they match a prefix. So if you setup a Redirect for /timeout/, then /timeout/404.html will be redirected as well.

You may want to use mod_rewrite rules instead if you need more fine grained control than Redirect can offer.

I tried experimenting with .htaccess rules, even deleting them all still seems to have some files just 404, for example, I have for now enabled directory listing and a certain file is listed, f.e timeout/Vi.html is there and its openable but timeout/V.html is still there but it goes to a 404 when opened, seems odd, and it’s only happening with some HTML’s and certain PNG’s, all other files are fine

I see you’re using Cloudflare. Did you try to purge their cache as well? Cloudflare’s performance improvements are largely caused by cache, and they will cache anything, including undesired content.

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