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so the error occurs when i click on the about us page it takes me to the about.html but i want it to go to about.php i have changed the html code and uploaded the files accordingly but the website still shows the old files. how much time does it take for the files to reload. i have checked the file manager aswell and it seems fine. is there anything i can do to make the new files load

No issue, clear your browser cache?


ok will check

i tried that but it did not help is there anything else i can do

Use vpn?


The file is updated, and when I check your website in Incognito Mode, I see the exact page that’s on your account.

If you see something else, it means that the page you’re viewing is not coming from your hosting account, but from somewhere else, which is usually a cache. Browser cache is usually the culprit, but some stingy ISPs may be caching web pages too.

Using a VPN could help circumvent any upstream caching issues.


thanks for the help actually i just created a second account and transferred all my files it wasnt a big project so it worked anyway thanks for the help

this forum is really active i didnt think anyone would respond still thanks for all your help


I feel the same way you do. What a warm, friendly forum this is. Every one of my questions answered timely and professionally. I’m not at all surprised they hit 20,000. These are people who love their work. :grinning:

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