File upload problem

Hello, I’m not able to upload files in .svg in my wordpress library, how can I solve?


SVG files are allowed here, so that is not the issue.

  • How large is the file?
  • Can you try uploading it using FTP instead of using WP?
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The file has 15KB
And I can try to do by FTP

Did not work, I managed to upload the image via FTP but does not appear in the Wordpress library

Make sure you have uploaded it to the correct location, not just in the root.

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/wp-content/uploads. Right? it was on that folder that I uploaded

Honestly, I have no idea (Have not used WP for a long time).

According to my quick google search, you also need to use the date folders as well. See the article below.


I read the article and saw that I needed to do a step, so I installed a plugin to perform this step, but the plugin still doesn’t allow me to import the .svg file into wordpress (I tested it in .jpg and it works).

every time I try to upload a .svg file through WP the message “no permission to upload this type of file” appears

Oh, maybe WordPress is the one not allowing you to upload it.

Yep, I am right.


I GOT IT!! Thank you so much for your support


No problem, glad I could help (And I learned something as well)!


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