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The upload failed: 404 / not found
i get that whenever i upload a file to monsta ftp.
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please try uploading the file with filezilla once.

i can’t use filezilla at the moment

maybe send a screenshot of the monsta FTP error?



what file are you trying to upload? like filename, etc.

im uploading ui.x src folder


If you are trying to upload something with many files, you should try using FileZilla.

why did it work until today the way i’m doing it? my problem is, i can’t use filezilla at the moment.


Unfortunately, we won’t be able to tell you what is wrong unless you use FileZilla and share the logs. Because the online file manager does not share the errors, we don’t know what is causing the issues, all we can do is guess.

When you get access to FileZilla, please upload the file(s) and share the logs if you get an error.



this happened with multiple services too, like i tried it on another account

Again, please use FileZilla. It could be your internet connection, but only the logs will be able to tell us.

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