File Size limit!! Admin Eye needed

I found that the maximum size of an upload is 10MB.
That’s is getting a problem for me!!
Is there any solution for this??  I am not willing to use third party website.

I know its free hosting but I can’t go through premium thing!!!

Now admin if you look at my website * *I only provide document specially pdf type files to my clients.   In this case some of my documents cross the limit of 10 mb  as I can’t publish them!!
Now therefore I request a permission to you to let me upload ** only document type ** over the 10MB limit! ??Can You make it 25 or 50 MB for the pdf files? 
I love your hosting that’s why I am requesting this help.
@Admin Looking forward to you!!

Re-configuring server configurations wouldn’t happen. I’d recommend you use some other file storage hosting since InfinityFree is specified as a website hosting.

It sounds like you’re just trying to use our hosting as a way to share files, not host websites. Like @MrJunior already said, we provide website hosting, not file hosting. If you need a service where you can upload files to share, please use a file sharing service like Dropbox or Google Drive instead.