File Size Error Incorrect

Prior to today I was having no issue uploading files underneath the 10MB limit. Today I attempted to upload another file, and started receiving a 413 error when it fails during the last 5% or so of upload. It is only 2.5MB, and there are several others that do it as well. I attempted to delete some files that were no longer relevant to the site, and free up space (I don’t know that this was a problem, but it was worth a shot) and it was still unsuccessful. I attempted to log in and upload the file from a different computer. Same problem.

Username: epiz_23989484

Are you using FileZilla or the Online File Manager? On the Online File Manager, PHP limits the file size of uploads by 2 MBs. So with FileZilla you can upload on htdocs with maximum 10 MB on some files, 1 MB with HTML/PHP files and 10 KBs with htaccess files.

I had not! I am still learning, so thank you for pointing this out. It uploaded the files just fine, and worked for a while but not I am getting a 404. Hopefully it resolves itself.

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