File Manager Upgrades


My user id: fceu_17594191

I just created account here. This is really awesome but I’m facing some problem with the Online FTP File Manager. I just want Normal File Manager in cpanel. Can you please upgrade or add extra file manager.
Because ftp file manager is not really easy for me. please change or add other file manager.


@drrulez Hello! I think you have a misunderstanding. Online File Manager is not FTP based if i’m right. Just click Online File Manager and you will be redirected to a numberic web adress where you will be able to do all your work with your files.

Our online file manager is actually using FTP, but it’s good enough for that to not be obvious :wink:

That said, what problem do you have with the file manager being FTP? We use clustered storage, so having a local file manager just isn’t an option. And why develop your own interface AND file manager when you already have FTP and plenty of file managers available for it?

Thank you for replying so quick @Moderator & Admin. I used other cpanel hosting before & I had File Manager with Public_html folder, www, etc folder but in this cpanel file manger is very different so how can i find public_html folder so I can put my file on that folder.

Hey Sorry I asked very simple thing, I should find before asking something.
I uploaded my file in htdocs & it is working great.
Thanks Admin and Moderator.

@drrulez Good to see that you have resolved it by yourself! Each domain and subdomain has a folder that has same name as domain and that folder has children folder named htdocs where you upload all your documents!


With cPanel, the main directory of a website is called “public_html”. With our panel, it’s called “htdocs”. To make a website work, the files should be uploaded to the htdocs directory.

Search for “Elfinder ..*” 8)

I am easily working with files in my site with elfinders.Latest version [2.1.8] 8) was released 3 days ago. But I’m using 2.1.1

Want any help? contact me. I also searched a solution like you at the beginning. [email protected]

I cannot post a screenshot of it because my account [fceu_17402648] is suspended :frowning: while editing a php file. I do not why my site ( got suspended. Please Admin sir Can you unsuspend it? Now site redirects to another URL [] |-)

@sashithacj Please contact with [email protected] to get your suspended account unsuspended!

Can u give me your email please?