File Manager Isn't working

Hey! Anytime I Try to go into my file manager it says that it could not read line from socket.
I’m not using any FTP software just the built-in File Manager from my CPanel.

My site is

Try to clear your cache and re-login.

How do I clear my cache?

Chrome Settings > Clear Browsing Data > Clear then Relogin.

hi i am unable login into the file manager. clearing the cache has not worked

A lot of people (including me) have had this problem. It must be a site-wide problem (or partial sitewide problem).

how do you contact technical support

Oh, and also just wait a while. It may be finicky today, but it still works if you give it some time (still a problem, but it at least partially works. For me anyway).

monstaFTP from CA seems to have a problem (outage, DDoS or some server work)
so in the meantime try using this one (also official)

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