File large than 10mb, could you help me pls ??

I have one file fonts.tff : 22mb. could you that my file pls ;(( or what should i do :frowning:

could you upload my file pls to my host :frowning:
here my file :frowning:
thanks you for helping me :slight_smile:

As much as I would like to help you: I can’t. It’s impossible for us to work around the 10 MB upload limit.

Why do you have such a big font file in the first place? Is it used to style text on your website? If so, I would highly recommend to try and reduce the file size, because such a huge file blocking page rendering is going to make your website very slow.

If you just want to offer it for download, you could just upload it to a file sharing service like Mediafire and link to it.

haizzz… it font using for my website…not for download or share… i had change another font… thanks you for your replies :slight_smile: . i sugesst for hosting should increase max_upload_file size in php.ini file to 20mb or 30mb. because maybe we can restore database :frowning:

Actually, I made a mistake in my last message. There is no 10 MB upload limit, there is a 10 MB file size limit. It’s an important distinction, because it means you can’t just change a value in your PHP settings to increase it.

Also, we set the limits for a reason. For every limit we have, careful consideration and planning went into setting it. If we would want to give you the option to change it, we would give you a button to do so. We’re not going to change the settings for millions of websites just because a single person asks for it.