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I have uploaded a .html file to the file manager in the htdocs folder, but the site never changed. I never got any errors, and am really wanting to know if there is a way to fix this?

I can guarantee that the .html file does work.

If you have uploaded your file,

Mame sure that you delete index2.html,
Rename uploaded file as index.html.
Clear your cache in your browser.

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And (hopefully) one more thing
The CSS on the page did not load…
Is that because I am on mobile, or another reason?

Have you coded your website in your Windows OS then uploaded here?

I am using Adobe Dreamweaver to do it, but yes I am on windows

Make sure your css file has Exact letter cases with singlePageTemplate.css for example if the name of file is singlepagetemplate.css you must include singlepagetemplate.css, singlePageTemplate.css will be treated different from singlepagetemplate.css

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This is my code setup…
I haven’t worked with HTML much in the past, and honestly just grabbed the template from DreamWeaver to start it
Is this correct?

Ah I figured it out!
I forgot to include the folder with the CSS in the file manager haha

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