File gets deleted automatically after upload

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:
I am trying to upload some .tar.gz files on my website for download by users. For that, I want to upload the files in a folder named ‘models’ so that users can download the files from the URL[model_name].tar.gz
So, I tried creating the folder named model and uploaded the files there but they got auto-deleted. I referred to Knowledgebase and got an answer that files can only be uploaded to htdocs folder. So, from what I understood, I created a folder named htdocs in the ‘models’ folder and uploaded the files there. But they still get deleted automatically. So, I would like to ask for a solution to this.

I’m using this software:
Online File Manager

Additional information:
Moreover, I also uploaded a blank index.html file in the ‘models’ folder which remains there without being deleted. I am new with hosting sites and would request help on how to upload my required files in the given format.

You can’t upload files larger than 10 megabytes to the free hosting service to prevent abuse. They will be deleted instantly because the infrastructure designers are using a sledgehammer to crack walnuts. This just destroyed my entire site during a routine WordPress 5.4 upgrade which was slightly larger than 10 megabytes.

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But the file I am trying to upload is just 546 bytes in size which is way smaller than the limit

A zip archive with an empty text file in it is over 140 bytes, what models are you uploading that are the size of a text file with a paragraph or two in it?

It contains two small sized json files. But that is secondary. Could you please help me with the uploading problem if you are aware of the solution? It will be really helpful.

Please note this host is about to host regular sites only, making files available to download to others isn’t allowed here.


Ok. Thank you very much. Marking this thread solved

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