File exsist but can't open it or access it

Hi there

my website have a file (htm) that is generated from (php) file
but when I try to access the htm file I can’t; it will always redirect me to

so I check with ftp the file exist, and the path of it is 100% correct!

so what is the issue here?

Hello there,

What’s you site URL? so we can help narrow down your issue. Also what file is causing that error? Can you provide us the file path of that file?

when I move the file to another dictionary it will work
and if I return to it the previous dictionary -the one that it wasn’t working with- it will work too!!!

dafuq is this? seems like security issue here?

do this have any issue?
$myfile = fopen(“meta77”, “w”) or die(“Unable to open file!”);
fwrite($myfile, $contetns);

What’s your Site URL please?? and what’s the path of the file that does not work??
Please make sure that your files are located in the /htdocs folder.

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