File Categories Sizes and etc


What files can I host in free plan and the difference with it in premium cause I dont see any terms and policies. Maximum file size like that. and file types accepted. And the difference of the 2 plans regarding those matter. Thanks.

Hello @xreann20.

Premium and free hosting are VERY different and premium hosting obviously is alot better, so if you are planning to run proffesional/long-time website then premium hosting is your way to go.

First thing is iNode limit. On free hosting it is MUCH MUCH more lower than on premium hosting. iNode limit is limit of amounts of files and directories on your hosting account’s websites/pages.

For example you had 89000 files and 1200 directories, then your iNode count would be 90200.

There is not huge difference between file types accepted, If I am right you can upload any kind of files unless they are not malicious, illegal, hacker files, nulled softwares or etc…

Another thing that is not allowed on free hosting, but is allowed on premium hosting is pornographic content.

And on Premium hosting you can also change way more PHP settings throught .htaccess files than on free hosting. On free hosting you can only upload files throught your website that are not very big. I cannot remember exact maximum file size that you can upload, but it was about 10MB-15MB. But on Premium hosting if I am right then you can change PHP maximum upload size value to unlimited amount.

Obviously you cannot upload these kinds of content:

  • Warez content, Nulled (Cracked) CMS/PHP scripts.
  • Illegal content.
  • DDoS scripts
  • Stuff that violates Copyright or Trademark laws.
  • And alots of other things which you can see at here

Have fun,


Well answered :slight_smile: Very convinced to buy premium hosting. Thanks for the immediate response.