my site is not rendering well

Hello there,

Could you provide a more elaborate explanation please? So we can assist you with your site rendering issue.

Also just to let you know that there are many reasons why your site does not render well. One of those reasons could be that your browser does not render your site properly.

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My website appears better when hosted in other places but appears wrong here.

It would be nice if you provide a screenshot on how it looks like on your end. So can you provide us with some screenshots on how your site is supposed to look like?? Because how are we supposed to know your site is not rendering well if we don’t even know how your site of supposed to look like?

How it appears here

How it is supposed to appear

It is definitely a problem on your end.
Your site looks fine here on my end:

Have you tried clearing your browser cache? You may also try to use Incognito mode to evade your normal browser cache or use another browser.


And on a desktop:


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