[Feature request] Support for Python3

Doing non-HTTP stuff with PHP is indeed quite painful. Python is better for this (especially with Asyncio), but Node.js or Go would be even better.

That said, the way Python works on premium hosting also won’t let you do this. You don’t get to run your own Python process, instead you can just register some HTTP endpoints to run your Python code through Passenger. You have to remember that Python support on web hosting doesn’t make it any other service than web hosting.

And then there is the browser validation system that’s present on free hosting that will prevent any kind of non-browser access, including access from API clients and mobile apps.

So even if free hosting had the same Python support as premium hosting, you still wouldn’t be able to host your project with us.

It sounds like web hosting is general is just not a good fit for your project. You may want to get a VPS instead, or try to find some specialized hosting that’s better suited for your application.

I don’t know if that’s true, but I can tell you that it heavily depends on the framework. Also, number of files are not usually a limitation.

At least with PHP, you could host your entire website in a single index.php file with no extra dependencies. You’ll probably run into the file size limit on free hosting, but it’s possible.