Fcaebook Messanger Bot Webhook Callback URL Setup problem!

When i try to add link on messanger webhook Callback URL in facebook. All the showing
“The Callback URL or Verify Token couldn’t be validated. Please verify the provided information or try again later.” Why ? How I solve this problem??

Note: Infinity Free SSL certificate Activated with my url.

Don’t know exact reason but this might be possible reason that bots are not allowed on free hosting. Bots can’t visit your site on free hosting.
Why do I see ?i=1 at the end of a URL - Docs - InfinityFree Forum


Lets explain how that darned ?i=1 thing works. That is the result of a Javascript test that the client must pass. A unique cookie is then generated. The i suffix determines how many attempts have been done. After 3, you’re out. Most likely facebook bot cannot do the test and therefore keeps reaching ?i=3 and failing.

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Not exactly, here is the proccess.
1, Detect for javascript and set the security cookie into the browser
2, Page gets reloaded with ?i=1
3, Checks if the security cookie is active

Then it happens as you said.
1, Redirect to ?i=2 to recheck
2, Finally, if nothing happens, you go to a page on how to activate cookies.


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