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I’m getting an error 500, though I can still access cpanel and File Manager. This happened shortly after I attempted to update my version of the phpBB software using Softaculous. I’m wasn’t too sure if I did it right, but it seemed to work, aside from the fact that http and https for my website showed two different things, but it’s only the color scheme. I went to go restore my backup to do more research before attempting another update, but it didn’t work, I got errors saying it couldn’t unzip the backup and couldn’t find one of my files.

I’d appreciate some help, I’m running a community here… thanks!

Edit: More Information

I just enabled showing of php errors, and this is now what shows up when I visit the site…

It seems like it can’t find @phpbb_viglink/event/overall_footer_after.html in overall_footer.html

If you have a ZIP file of phpBB, then get the ‘overall_footer.html’ file and replace the one in htdocs with the one in the ZIP.


Replaced it with the latest version from a new download, but to no avail. It seems to me that it’s looking for something in that file that it can’t find.

You shd unzip the backup on ur pc/laptop before uploading to do a full restore.
The procedure for restore shd be similar to migration(below)

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But that’s not the problem, is it? The problem is that something went wrong in my updating the phpBB software, and now I can’t get my site to work…

Isn’t restoring from backup the solution?


Yes, I’d much rather restore from a backup than have a broken site. My issue was that Softaculous (where my backup was stored) wasn’t able to perform the restore. I found out later that it was because there were 2 files getting in the way, the “Upload your site files here!” label file and “index2.html” because Softaculous doesn’t have write permission for those files (it was trying to overwrite those files). I just ended up deleting them, and then the restore replaced them with the old version. In the end, it worked out fine, my site’s back online, now I just need to figure out a way to update the software without destroying the site… lol

You should be able to update it through softaculous.

I tried to do that, but something went wrong in the process, or at least I thought something went wrong, because when I went to the site, it showed two different things for https://www.scratchblox-forums.epizy.com where as for just https://scratchblox-forums.epizy.com, it brought me to what was definitely the same site, but I was not signed in in this end, and the color scheme was a lot different. Seeing that, I was afraid that I’d messed something up, so I went and tried to restore the previous version. Now I found out that it was already like that before, I just hadn’t checked. Anyway, I fixed that with an addition to the .htaccess file, so now everything redirects to https://www.scratchblox-forums.epizy.com, regardless of https:// or www.

I was also confused because the update replaced my logo with the default one, but I realize that I could just backup and restore my old logo. I’ll probably try the update again sometime soon.

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Definitely not working…

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Ugh, my apologies, that was the wrong link. It should be https://www.scratchblox-forums.epizy.com

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