**Fatal error** : No such file or directory

Fatal error : No such file or directory in /home/vol10_1/epizy.com/epiz_27643795/htdocs/visa/connections/Connection.php on line 611
I am beginner please help why this message occurred

This article lists all MySQL errors and solutions for those errors. Please read it:


Its very clear that the file wasn’t uploaded, does it exist?


yes it does exists ,connection.php

i have en error in create triiger in phpadmin user access denied

In the KB article, it says this.

No such file or directory
The message No such file or directory is shown when you’re using localhost as your database hostname. Using localhost means your script will look for the database on the same server as your website, which does not work on InfinityFree.
The database hostname should look like sql123.epizy.com, but the exact value depends on your account. You can find your database hostname in your control panel under MySQL Databases.


Thanks for reply,
but please where i can find localhost to changed in all my files

Does connection.php exist or Connection.php? Because if it’s the former, note that the error clearly references Connection.php.

Please note that our servers (like almost all web hosting servers) run on Linux, which means files are case sensitive. So if you were developing on Windows, your code would work there. But on most web hosting services it won’t work.


Some editors can allow you to find all instances of a certain string of characters (like “localhost”) in a file and replace them, much like Microsoft Word.


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