Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded

Unfortunately, not really. You can check the PHP code at the location listed in the error message. However, there is no way to know whether that code is actually what took so long, or whether the code took so long because of something it was doing before.

There are techniques to find this out by using profiling, tracing and APM, but free hosting provides no tools to do that, unfortunately.

I’m sorry, but it isn’t. The limit is set to ensure that most sites work fine, but also to prevent sites from overloading the server because they are taking too much server time.

We’ve explained this error in this article:

It might be related to the issue above. Concurrent requests is basically the combination of the number of PHP requests being executed and the duration of the requests. A script that takes longer means it takes longer for the process to be released, which drives up the number of concurrent requests/processes.