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Your nameservers are incorrect. Should be ns2 not ns3


Where can I find the file to replace?


Do not bump your topic. People will help you when they are willing to. Bumping your topic makes you look greedy to some. Also, don’t mark a post as “solution” unless you really solved the problem.

You need to change them with your domain registrar (Which is probably FreeNom).


Your website is working fine for me. Clear your browser catch if you are still having errors.

Well, it will work about 50% of the time. So it will work for some, but not for all. Obviously, the OPs computer selected the broken NS record. So clearing the cache will not do anything but waste time.


I’m so sorry I’m new at this. I fixed the error thanks

No problem, at least a typo is easy to fix!

If I make .tk my domain name from freenom, will it be completely fixed?

.tk domains are not supported on free hosting.

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I’m considering buying a .com domain name, but not at the moment.

Your current URL is working just fine! Are you still having issues on your end?

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I get this error when I click on the link of my site from Instagram. SSL enabled but on my site

Is you link from instagram https? If it is, I would contact their support desk.


Yes https

I am really sad.
I tried it now, it works on another phone, it doesn’t work on my phone.

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