False suspension for abuse

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account suspended for abuse

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i was hosting a site about a discord bot, and got suspended for abuse.

Did you ask for a reason?


What was it

They usually say the specific reason

Hi there,

Bot scripts / bot websites are not allowed on free hosting.

A full backup can be downloaded from :


Thank you and stay safe !

Please let us know if there is anything we can do.

Best Regards

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Ah, those rats thought you were hosting on the website and not making a front page.

What should i say :frowning:

Say that it was a front page

i have

then i cant help im sorry but if staff are slugs then what can i do? :roll_eyes:

they reactivated it

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I’d recommend repl.it for bot hosting, as they have free hosting and are really helpful (along with almost no restrictions on limits and such, although they do have a code size limit)…

I use that lol


What’s ur username?

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Got suspended for the same reason, Didn’t host any bots since it requires node.js or python.

It was just a showcase about my discord bot LMAO

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You should not use repl.it if you don’t have the hacker plan since someone could get your token and do VERY bad stuff with it.

But not if you store your token in .env file. Repl.it staff aren’t dumb to show users’ tokens for money.

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or more usefully, i suggest you to try kintohub.com

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