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(Response: 550 Can’t change directory to /home1: Permission denied
Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing)

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(I’m getting an error and I can’t load the index on my site, I may have deleted the wrong things, please help!!!)

there is only home file and I don’t have access to this file

What is your URL?

I can’t upload my index to the site

Please note that crypto sites are agent the TOS, and you will be suspended.


why ?

It is not allowed because InfinityFree does not want to be sued for stuff like this, so it has been banned (which makes it illegal for you to do). Please read the terms (as you always should):


Sorry I didn’t know that. so what can i do now?

You have two options: you can wait for your website to be suspended, or you can move to another host (but don’t forget to read their terms).

but i read that if i cancel hosting now it will take 60 days.

You can remove your domain in cPanel first, then you can deactivate your account. However, it will not be deleted for 60 days due to legal reasons.

So if i buy a different hosting while cpanel is active, will cpanel prevent it ?

Can I use a different hosting while waiting for the 60-day period?

Yes, you can if you remove your domain in cPanel first. The 60 day period prevents your files and databases from being deleted, it does not suspend your domain if you remove it from cPanel first.

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thanks dude.

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