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Your domain is not yet pointing to our nameservers, ns1.infinityfreedotcom and ns2.infinityfreedotcom. Please change your nameservers at your domain name provider and wait a few hours for the change to take effect. You can also create an account with a subdomain first.

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Hi there,
So I’ve only just signed up and attempted to create a new hosting account. I’ve clicked on subdomain and chosen and I’ve also tried others. I click on check availability, and then it says it’s available on step 2. When I enter a password and try to progress, it says the domain is not yet pointing at the above addresses and to try a subdomain first, which I am doing. Any help would be much appreciated. I want to try InfinityFree out before looking at paying for hosting, but so far I am experiencing this.

It appears InfinityFree is experiencing issues. The system to register domains seems broken. Please be patient and wait for iFastNet (parent company of InfinityFree) to fix this issue.
Remember, InfinityFree only “controls” the client area. They don’t control much else.


Thank you for your prompt response :slight_smile:

It appears the issue has been resolved. Please attempt to make a new account again in the client area.


Thank you so much. This has been resolved!

I’m glad it’s resolved. Please mark my previous reply as “resolved” so others know this topic has been resolved.

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