Faild FTP upload 553

Hey. I use the program Adobe Muse. When loading via FTP, this error pops up. Error uploading to FTP Host [Faild FTP upload: 553]. I found several articles on this topic, but they do not tell me much about anything. (

Please, help

Wikipedia list the following as the description for FTP status code 553:

Requested action not taken. File name not allowed.

What kind of files are you trying to upload them and where are you trying to upload them to?

In order not to be confused, I created a test page with the help of MUSIC. It has a background and text. Through FTP, the program again produces the same error. I upload files manually through FILESILLA and again the same error. I thought maybe the program itself creates non-direct files. But when I download any file I created (text document, picture, etc.), I get an error 553.

In my gogd disk you will find some screenshots and a test page that I can not load. (if you download files, please check them with antivirus software)

I’m newbie and your service works great. When connecting to FTP, you need to write the entire path to the folder on the server.
And in my case, I unload the files in the wrong folder.

For example, you created a site . You need to upload files to /

I hope this post will help such people like me. Sorry for interrupting

Thanks for including the screenshot, they are extremely useful in figuring out what’s going on!

I think the issue in this case is the upload directory. If your addon domain name is, the files must be uploaded to the directory The /htdocs/ part is important, because you can only upload files to the htdocs folders. You’re trying to upload the files directory to the folder, which is not possible.