External javascript is not working!

I have this problem where my site can’t access the external javascript

My webpage is See here… try clicking the buttons and see the developer tools.

The Linux servers are all case-sensitive, so if the JS file has as name test.js, you can’t include it as TeSt.Js or Test.JS on your code!

doesn’t solve my problem at all, see the site and open the developer options. You seem to not understand the problem…

Correct the code, because it throws “Syntax error: invalid or unexpected token” on the index file on line 12. I do know where is the problem; it’s on the apostrophe, so remove it on line 12.

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It’s not something wrong with your js file, it’s something wrong in your html code

<button onclick="seeProjects()'">See Projects</button>

As ergastolator1 stated you need to remove apostrophe
then it will look like below code

<button onclick="seeProjects()">See Projects</button>
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