External domain after change his IP, I can´t send request


I try to send request to external domain, the first time everything were ok, but the other server change his public IP, now my web site can´t send request on PHP, when I try to check the IP on PHP with “gethostbyname($domain)” return the old IP, I think the server has a cache domain

¿how can i update or clear the domain cache?

What is it that you request? File? Or only the domain?
& what is the function that you use to request?
Maybe you can use clearstatcache() function?
If it still doesn’t work, maybe that cache on DNS system.
If like that, you can do nothing, except wait until that domain TTL expired from the server.

DNS changes take a while to take effect everywhere. Our free hosting system has internal DNS resolvers which also do DNS caching for performance. This caching is all standards compliant, so no surprises there.

And no, you don’t get direct access to our DNS resolvers to mess with their caches. You just have to wait for DNS propagation.


thanks for your answer, is this TTL time correct?
Array ( [0] => Array ( [host] => jardinesoeste.ddnsking.com [class] => IN [ttl] => 181892 [type] => A [ip] => ) )

I checked jardinesoeste.ddnsking.com and it doesn’t have any DNS records right now. What is the value supposed to be?

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