ExpressionEngine unable to update


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Site running ExpressionEngine - when attempting to update from EE control panel it reports “Not enough disk space to complete the update. Please free up some disk space and try the upgrade again”

Other Information

Is there anything I can do to complete the upgrade?

Likely this

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I checked your account and it would seem that you have plenty of disk space, both in terms of GB and inodes.

But this post pointed me towards a function getFreeDiskSpace in ExpressionEngine being problematic:

This is the function being used to check the disk space:

As you can see, it uses the PHP function disk_free_space. However, this function is disabled on our hosting. I’m not quite sure why, but that would likely cause this function to return that the available disk space is 0.

To work around this, you could find the find in your ExpressionEngine installation, and replace this line:

return @disk_free_space($path);

with the following:

return PHP_INT_MAX;

This way, ExpressionEngine will think there is always plenty of disk space, so it should continue with the update.


Thank you. Worked perfectly!


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