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Hey i am trying to add my domain over infinityfree and cloudflare name but it says nameservers not changed but i already changed the nameservers. What should I do?

Well, you did not

It should be and respectively


I did

So it should show cloudflare nameservers

To add your domain to our hosting, it must be pointing to our nameservers and our nameservers only. You’re free to switch to Cloudflare afterwards, but you can only add domains that are using our nameservers.

Also the DNS status of your domain is clearly showing that it’s still using Hostinger nameservers. So it seems like the settings from are not being applied to your domain. I don’t know why that is, but I can guarantee you that our DNS checker is working as it should.


I did pointed to infinityfree but then again getting errors so what should I do?

I think you should check this



Ok. The following are true for your domain:

  1. You are using hostinger nameservers
  2. Your domain is not connected to your account

So what you need to do is set your nameservers to and, then add the domain to your InfinityFree account.

After your domain is connected to InfinityFree, you may change your nameservers and setup Cloudflare.


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