Errors creating new files and folders

Username: hylander

Errors occur while using File Manager from the web control panel:

When creating a new file, the response reads: Error! There was an error creating the FILE: Error during FTP UPLOAD_OPERATION, at “htdocs/thug.php”: STOR command failed path: htdocs/thug.php)

When creating a new folder, the result is: Error! There was an error creating the FOLDER: Error during FTP MAKE_DIRECTORY_OPERATION, file not found: “htdocs/joe”

Have I surpassed a quota I’m unaware of?

Pls read and see if it applies…


Like the topic template says, the username has the format epiz_XXXX. You don’t need to say your forum username (it already says that with every post). But it is very important which hosting account, website and/or domain you are referring to.

In your case it’s less important because you only have one of each of the above. But since you may have multiple of the them, it’s helpful to clearly state the affected account.

Yes. If you login to the control panel, you’ll see you’ve hit the inode limit.


So I was 100 inodes in excess of the limit, suggesting that an update to one of the Softaculous apps caused the overrun.

I had to delete some files from the /wiki I had installed through Softaculous, but accidentally deleted the files in the wiki root directory. I suspect I have to delete the account and recreate it to clear this up - if that’s the case, I need a way to back up my htdocs files as I don’t have access to FTP where I am for various reasons.

The problem has been resolved. My wiki was restored somewhere along the way, so I removed that and another app. Cheers.


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