Error with database server

Username epiz_28214486

Website URL

Error Message

Error establishing a database connection.

Before starting It may look like a big story instead of giving small info.
But for better understanding I shared all the details related to the issue as much as I observed.

I can access my site homepage without any issue.

But “Error establishing a database connection” error showing when i try to enter or click any pages or post.

Other Information

I can access my DB as well as tables using phpMyAdmin in control panel without any issue.

Same time when i try to enter wordpress admin dashboard using softaculous.It will open but if i click any option then same DB error which mentioned above is showing.(So I’m not able to change or clear my wordpress caches also)

First time when i saw this error i thought which cause of DB credentials error.
So i had checked the wp-config file which showing different DB username,password than client area credentials (this automatically given by softaculous during installation but worked before without any issue)

So I had replaced the DB username and password with client area credentials.

and server from (which previously in wp-config ) to (current client area server)

REPLACED in both wp-config file and softaculous edit options.

But Still now also facing issue.
I’m not able to change anything in wordpress admin panel also cause of this error.
So kindly please help me to slove the issue.

NOTE: I have taken DB and Htdocs folder backupand i know to restore but that will not proper solution.That’s the main reason for creating this topic.

Also tried after cleared caches and incognito also

Please Let me know If possible :
While seeing wp-config file first time i observed that credentials(username password server) not matching with client area details.(But How it worked since last 6 months). these names and passwords given by softaculus randomly.(is it possible for access same DB tables using different username and password) or any special access given to softaculus!!.

I tried checking your website too and I think I see the issue. I could open pages on your website without any problems, but I was unable to open wp-admin. The first try to open the page resulted in a Cloudflare timeout, refreshing the page resulted in the database error.

As you should always do with a vague error in WordPress, the first step was to open wp-config.php, find the line with WP_DEBUG, change false to true, save the file and refresh the page.

This returned an actual error message, specifically:

User epiz_28214486 already has more than 'max_user_connections' active connections

The max_user_connections limit is set to 5 for your account. That means that there cannot be more than 5 simultaneous connections to the database from your sites.

Hitting this limit on a well functioning website is extremely rare. If you hit this limit, it’s usually an indication of a script going off the rails somewhere and either creating many database connections or keeping them open for way too long (given the slow first page load, I’d guess the latter).

This is usually caused by a bad plugin or theme. So I would suggest to try disable all plugins first and enable them one by one to try and find which one is causing the issue.


Now a days we are learning a lot and gathering some knowledge from your reply!!! Thank You so much Admin for your proper technical reply in more easy way!!! :grinning:

That’s the major issue.that’s y i created this topic. :hugs:

Thank you for giving this method i hope this help me in future. :innocent:

Finally after reading this i can understand that there is no issue with login credentials.
Reason for error is more than 5 simultaneous connections. :sunglasses:

For that only i need to get access to wp-admin.(But unfortunatly I can’t do that due to error) :sneezing_face:

Finally I deactivated all the plugins using phpmyadmin by changing wp_options table > active_plugins values into a:0:{} .
I got access to wp-admin with awesome speed and it deactivated all the plugins too.

All issues now gone…!!! :heart_eyes:

Hatsoff for your healthy explanation and works admin!!! :star_struck:


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