Error While Installing From Softaculous!

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Error Message

I just installed Revive adserver from softaculous and it is showing this error when I’m opening my website:

timeout => The PHP function set_time_limit() has been disabled and max_execution_time is set to 60 which may cause problems with functionality such as maintenance
badPhpConfiguration => Your current PHP configuration does not meet requirements of Revive Adserver. To resolve the problems, please modify settings in your ‘php.ini’ file.

Other Information

And this error in the Admin panel:

Database connection error.

A fatal error occurred Revive Adserver can’t connect to the database. Because of this it isn’t possible to use the administrator interface. The delivery of banners might also be affected. Possible reasons for the problem are:

  • The database server isn’t functioning at the moment
  • The location of the database server has changed
  • The username or password used to contact the database server are not correct
  • PHP has not loaded the mysqli extension

Can anybody please help me!

The PHP_set_time_limit() function is disabled on free hosting. You will need to upgrade to be able to use it

From Admin:

As a fair usage restriction, it’s not possible to increase or remove the script time limit, so the set_time_limit() function has been disabled as well, and cannot be reactivated unfortunately.

Best of luck!

It is also showing this error message

Does that help or can I not proceed completely or I need to wait for now?

@Avneet072, it’s not an error, it’s referring to this:


I see a WordPress site here, not a Revive Adserver.

If you need help with a website, can you please provide the full URL to see the thing that’s not working?

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