Error when uploading certificate (I can not find a key for this domain, please ensure you have uploaded a key before the certificate!)

Hello, when I attempt to upload a generated certificate (from infinityfree) I get the following error

Verify instalation details

So what the hell is wrong and how do I fix this issue?

Don’t put the private key in your post, its called “Private” for a reason.

And the error is quite clear. You need to upload the certificate key before you upload the private key.


So input the certificate key info before the private key info?

Ok, duly noted


  1. Copy the certificate key into the control panel
  2. Click “Upload Certificate”
  3. Copy the private key into the control panel
  4. Click “Upload Private Key”
  5. Reload the panel to make sure they are still there
  6. Clear your cache
  7. Load your site over HTTPS

sigh I just did what you said and now this is happening

Yes, because you got a self-signed one. When you got that certificate, the client panel told you that is was not trusted by browsers. You can do one of the following.

  1. Use Cloudflare on “Full” SSL mode (I see that you saw my CF topic, you can use it)
  2. Get a certificate from a trusted provider
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Without a root domain, I CAN’T add it to my Cloudflare account! However, it’s been less than 72 hours since I registered it on infinityfree so maybe I should wait until that 72 hours has passed before adding an add-on domain or parked domain!

So you have a free subdomain? If that is the case, you need to get a different certificate.


Like a “Let’s encrypt” certificate?


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Let’s Encrypt is not available for subdomains, but a ZeroSSL or GoGetSSL certificate will work.


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